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Sacher-Torte at Sacher Confiserie (Vienna, Austria)

I always try to eat something fresh and healthy for breakfast
since it's the first meal of the day. English breakfast and various
bakeries can be found in just about every European city. Taking
an early morning stroll in Vienna, while seeking my american
breakfast, I came upon a sweet chocolately scent. I followed
the scent to a crowd of people gathered in front of a window,
and saw others entering and leaving the Sacher Hotel.

The famed Sacher Hotel is probably best known for creating
the original Sacher-Torte. Claimed to be the most famous cake
in the world since 1832, this sweet treat has a base of chocolate
cake thinly coated with apricot jam and crowned with
chocolate icing. Even though it was breakfast time, I still
treated myself to an individual torte. Awesome breakfast!

The Sacher-Torte is the crown jewel of Vienna.

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