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Puccini Bomboni (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

While wandering around the streets of Amsterdam you happen
upon many unusual smells. Puccini Bomboni is not one of
them. In addition to being led to the candy heaven by the
scent of rich chocolate (and overpowering the smell from
marijuana smoke floating out Grey Area coffeeshop across the
street), an enormous display of chocolates can be seen from
the clear-glass front window.

Like many of those that visit Puccini Bomboni, I often go with
a shopping list provided by friends and relatives. Puccini has a
fantastic assortment of truffles and chocolates with unique
flavors. As unusual as some choices may sound, I've never had
a piece I didn't like.

Impress someone when you return from Amsterdam with a box
of Puccini.

Company website: www.puccinibomboni.com