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Nestle - KitKat Caramel (Japan)

Like most KitKat candy available in Japan, the standard size
is found in a box that includes two individually wrapped
KitKat wafer double sticks (for a total of 4 stix per box).
The Caramel KitKat is found in an orange box that displays a
KitKat with a milk chocolate and caramel swirled outer shell
along with the standard chocolate over vanilla wafer inside.

I like KitKats and almost any caramel candy so I had no
problem quickly eating these. I was disappointed that there
wasn't more caramel on the inside but the strong butter
caramel swirl that mixed with the outer chocolate provided
just the right amount of sweetness.

Although I usually prefer milk caramel flavor over butter
caramel (*A Caramel Comparison), I'd buy these again!

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