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Necco - SkyBar (USA)

It may not be the best tasting candy in the world, but
SkyBar may be my favorite. While I'm not a huge fan of
Necco milk chocolate, it's hard to complain these days
since it is real chocolate.

But what makes the SkyBar an American classic is that it
may be the only sweet that offers four different varieties
in one treat. The attached four chocolate coated pieces
include the flavors of vanilla, caramel, peanut and fudge.
The vanilla always reminds me of marshmallow. The
caramel is similar to the caramel in Caramello and the
peanut is a bit like peanut butter. I usually toss or give
away the fudge because I've already had three pieces by
then, and it's my least favorite.

Nothing offers variety like the SkyBar.

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