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TRAILER PARK SNACKS - Kitchen Crafted Sweets - Made in Philadelphia, USA
SWEET SPOTS WORLDWIDE - Noteworthy snack stops at locations around the globe!
Morinaga - Biz (Japan)

With the slogan of "For you lucky time, have some biz!" -
these are great for snacking.

A perfect combination of crisped rice and small bits of corn
flakes are sandwiched between a base of milk chocolate and
a chocolate medallion top. Each chocolate top has either
the letter 'b' or 'z' but I couldn't find any 'i's.

At the size of a thimble, these snacks are great for a
mid-day or late night treat as they are not too heavy in
chocolate. These would also be a great topping or mix-in
for yogurt or ice cream.

Biz is great.

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