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La Cure Gourmande (Nice, France)

There are many surprises to be found while wandering the
streets of Nice, France. From onion pie to fresh fruit and
flowers, Nice has a colorful, abundant and active outdoor
market square. Off to the side streets of the square, many
businesses flourish from the summer swell of foreign crowds
escaping the beach for a bite to eat.

One of the beneficiary's of the tourist business is La Cure
Gourmande, a sweet shop specializing in caramels and old
fashioned hand-made sugar candies. While La Cure
Gourmande is better known for it's sugar candies, I was much
more impressed with the varieties of caramels offered. A
sweet variety of at least eight fresh caramels were offered
daily, from chocolate to almond, sea salt to pistachio.

One of the largest assortments of caramels on the globe!

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