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TRAILER PARK SNACKS - Kitchen Crafted Sweets - Made in Philadelphia, USA
SWEET SPOTS WORLDWIDE - Noteworthy snack stops at locations around the globe!
Kuppy Ramune (Japan)

Although the package made this candy look so innocent, I kept
thinking there was a chance something more sinister resided in
the wrapper. The rabbit and squirrel gave little clue to the
round, lightly colored candy they pushed.

The little round sweets looked a bit like Smarties. They came
in three flavors, or should I say colors, of orange, white and
pink. I think these may have been made with a rice base, as
they quickly dissolved in my mouth. Even though the flavor
was a muted sweetness, I became fascinated with how easily
they melted and disappeared in my mouth.

These were really quite addictive and the wrapper was funny