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Great American Candy Classics

Even though great American classic candy is difficult to find, many small
stores and independent markets across the USA still stock some of these
old-time favorites. Out of this pictured variety, the SkyBar and Rocky Road
are probably the easiest to locate. Many, if not all, of these classics can be
found at Economy Candy in New York (if you happen to be near by).

One interesting similarity is that all of these classics either have marshmallow
or taffy/nougat.

-Necco SkyBar

-Sifer's Valomilk

-Annabelle's Rocky Road

-Annabelle's Big Hunk

-Annabelle's Abba-Zaba
Great American Candy Classics

Many classics can be found at Five
Below stores or at Economy Candy in
New York
(if you happen to be near
by), or online at Trailer Park Snacks,