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TRAILER PARK SNACKS - Kitchen Crafted Sweets - Made in Philadelphia, USA
SWEET SPOTS WORLDWIDE - Noteworthy snack stops at locations around the globe!
Fassbender & Rausch (Berlin, Germany)

While on a tour of Berlin the tour guide made a unique
stop. The stop on the tour was unique because it was the
only location that carried no historical significance. In fact,
the only thing historical about this stop was the sweet
creations themselves.

The artists of Fassbender & Rausch create magnificent scaled
chocolate models of significant and historical structures.
When I was at the shoppe, there were chocolate recreations
of the Titanic and the Reichstag. I wanted to act like King
Kong or Godzilla and destroy the sweet structures in a
chocolate eating battle.

In addition to the cool chocolate models (which aren't for
sale), Fassbender & Rausch also sold truffles and organic
chocolate bars.

Company website: www.rausch-schokolade.de